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Bottle of Hacienda Oponguio Inaequidens

Hacienda Oponguio

At the beginning of the 20th Century, Juan Mejía Gómez began our mezcal’s story along the stream adjacent to Lake Pátzcuaro in Oponguio, Michoacán. Two generations later, we’ve resumed the tradition and in 2015, Hacienda Oponguio was born.

Viva Mexico Retro Blanco bottle


Tequila Viva Mexico is an additive-free, traditionally produced tequila from Los Altos de Jalisco (highlands region). In the past, Los Altos didn’t produce much tequila, instead selling their mature agave to the Tequila valley region to satisfy the rapidly growing demand for tequila. By the mid 20th Century, when the valley was able to sustain production again, the agave farmers from Los Altos decided to take their turn at producing the famous spirit.

La Majadera Cenizo product shot of mezcal bottle


Mezcal inspired by the women of the Mexican Revolution, who called themselves majaderas or soldaderas. They achieved great feats; they commanded armies, brigades and combat units; they knew the terrain.

Beyond the myth of the Adelita, these women had their own names; a true honour for Mexico to have this caste of warriors.

Sacro Imperio product bottle


Sacro Imperio (Sacred Empire in Spanish) is a brand of artisanal mezcal from the community of Nombre de Dios, Durango. Nombre de Dios is the oldest community in the northern state of Durango and has a long history of mezcal production. The vinata, El Malpais (badlands) is located in the town of La Constancia very close to a cypress-lined stream which is aptly used for mezcal production.